Constellation in the Cocos

Constellation in the Cocos
Constellation in the Cocos

This painting illustrates a Qantas Lockheed L1049 Super Constellation aircraft making a refuelling stop in the Cocos Islands in the mid-1950's. Before the advent of long range passenger jets, aircraft flying from South Africa to Australia would transit Mauritius and the Cocos Islands before arriving in Darwin and going on to their final destinations.

For the original photographs I am grateful to Allan Jenkins who worked for the Department of Civil Aviation and was stationed in the Cocos Islands at the time. Brett Langevad, who posted Allan's photos to the internet, made this journey at the age of twelve and subsequently pursued a career as an airline captain. My thanks to them both for the provision of background information and invaluable support in recreating this scene from the bygone days of airline transport.

Acrylic on canvas board

90 x 60 cms

In a private collection in the United Kingdom

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