Avro Vulcan "V" Bomber

Avro Vulcan "V" Bomber
Avro Vulcan "V" Bomber

Cold War Warrior - The Royal Air Force Avro Vulcan bomber. In a departure from civil aviation subjects, the artist pays tribute to an aircraft that was, for a time, part of his daily life. Living within a few miles of the RAF Finningley "V" Bomber base in South Yorkshire in the 1960's, Vulcans on training flights were a regular everyday sight.

Built as delivery platforms for stand-off nuclear weapons in the 1950's, the Vulcan squadrons spent their early years in an overall "anti-flash" white paint scheme. When the stand-off weapons failed to eventuate and it became clear that weapons delivery would require "under-the-radar" direct delivery to target, an overall camouflague scheme was adopted commencing in 1963.

Remaining in service until the 1980's, the only use of Vulcans in anger took place during the Falklands War of 1982. Many examples of the type survive and are in the hands of a number of preservation groups in the UK.

Oil on stretched canvas

80 x 40 cms

In a private collection in Australia

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